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Learn my story



As I reach into my memory, I was always an active kid. Inspired by superheroes and martial artists as many other boys at that time.

I tried various sports, including skateboarding, rollerblading, and BMX. My Journey with skating lasted a few happy years and finally transitioned to more dynamic martial arts and acrobatics.

We used to train in the basement. In Poland during Winter gets very cold so while practicing with 20 other guys we usually used to end up in the sauna. That used to happen because of the difference between body temperature and room.

For me, it was common to train in the cold. My first gym, which I set up with a great friend of mine, didn’t have any heating system. There was a set of iron weights, bench, and mirror. Iron during winter can get cold. I mean extremely cold. Running in the forest with weights or uphill with a sandbag, kayaking, weightlifting, kickboxing. These were daily activities.

In the meantime, I was studying mechanical engineering and working at my dad’s workshop.

My calling

When I turned 18, I decided to follow my passion for fitness and committed to studying physical education.

I applied to the best polish academy, passed exams, and within a few months ended up in the Olympic campus surrounded by people who shared my passion.

It was a wonderful time. 6 hours of working out daily and a massive dose of knowledge about biology and anatomy shaped my mind and physique.

Every morning gymnastic classes. Afternoon track and field, games, swimming, and almost everyday workout at the gym at the end of the day. Sometimes I was swallowing my meals in between those sessions.

Training to the excess of human possibilities, dieting, and reading plenty of books armed me with practical knowledge.

Daily activities included gymnastic classes, track and field, games, swimming, and almost everyday workout at the gym at the end of a day. Sometimes I was swallowing my meals in between those sessions.

My first transformation

My very first client was my mom. After six months, I returned home for the Easter holiday. My mother was at that time, more than 75 kg. During Easter, as you may know, people enjoy eating. I strictly restricted any sweets, wrote down a weekly program to follow and stuck it to the fridge.

She made it. When I came for Christmas break, she was 52. Looking great and glowing. I was proud and soon busy with new clients, who were my mom’s friends. Inspired by her transformation.

2010 turned, and I went back to campus. Following my achievements, I decided to get qualifications as a trainer. It was a matter of time to finish the course, pass exams, and be ready to help people.

Soon I landed a great job as a personal trainer in a premium fitness club.

From Performance to Prevention

The very first day of my job gave me clarity that people need something else than just activity.

Many of my clients were facing mobility problems and lacking basic knowledge of nutrition. That what was essential for me for them was a top of the mountain. I shifted my approach slightly and started training my clients holistically. In my opinion, The goal is to enjoy doing what makes you feel alive as long as you live. Exercise is one of those things for me.

My training sessions became more oriented in building skills like strength, speed, stamina, agility, stability, flexibility. You name it. I believe that the way how you look is an outcome of what you work on and how you eat.

With my approach, I became a successful trainer with an excellent reputation. An authority among my mates and a person ‘’go to’’ when it comes to fitness and weight loss.


I was training many people. Everyone was different, but all of them had one in common. They were facing problems with diet.

Not thinking long, I decided to launch a catering company, and within a month, my customers were eating healthy food delivered to their door.

The business was doing well, and I had to take care of it. Means sitting long hours, driving and spending time in the kitchen.

I experienced my clients’ lifestyle and even more understood the importance of holistic development.

Warmup, stretching and mobility. Things which people usually don’t pay attention to at the gym.

Flexibility, Strength, Agility, Power

Holistic development is what I stand for when it comes to working out. I like to move my body in the entire possible range of movement. It makes me not only looking fit but also feeling fit.

How do I train?

My workout sessions are usually six times a week twice a day. A morning workout is short and mostly concentrated around mobility. The evening session is challenging and contains around 30 sets of specific exercises that I aim to master.

How can I help you?

I hope that my content, full of advice, and based on my expertise, can help you in becoming a healthier, stronger, and better version of yourself.

If you feel that you need guidance in your fitness journey, don’t hesitate to ask me about my online coaching services.