Protein Pancake Recipe ( With Cinnamon & Berries )

Are you looking for a new protein pancake recipe ? Then I have you covered.

Pancakes are one of my favorite options for breakfast.

This one is loaded with excellent quality protein, slowly digestible carbohydrates, fiber, and antioxidants.

If you are looking for a meal that has it all – then undoubtedly, protein pancake is the right choice.


A cup of Rolled oats – they are less processed, rich in fiber and protein. Rolled oats are digested slower than instant oats. Therefore you will feel stable energy for longer.

5 Egg Whites & 1 Yolk – I know yolk is rich in protein and healthy, but it contains fat too. I always leave one yolk to enrich the pancake with all goodness that yolk has and keep the rest of the egg whites. 

1 TBSP of Cinnamon – I use it not only for a taste but also to lower the food’s glycemic index. Cinnamon has unique properties of lowering insulin resistance, which allows absorbing carbohydrates more effectively.

1 TBSP of Flax Seeds: Since I started using flax seeds in my diet, I feel that my intestines work way better. To get the most out of them, I usually soak them overnight to breakfast in the morning.


Take five eggs and separate yolks from egg whites. Remember to leave only one yolk. For it, you can easily use a spoon or simple yolk separator.

Once egg whites are properly separated, add a full cup of rolled oats, soaked flax seeds, and cinnamon. Mix everything and let oats soak egg whites. 

Now it’s time for baking on the nonstick pan. In this process, I start with melting a bit of coconut oil. Once the oil is warm enough, I spread it on the entire pan with tissue or kitchen paper. 

Once Pan is hot and ready, put your mixture on it, spread it to form a pancake, and cover. Covering is essential as your pancake won’t get too dry. That’s why I call this process baking and not frying. 


  • If you are using a gas kitchen – reduce the flame and keep it low.
  • If you use an electric kitchen – keep the temperature no higher than half of the available range.

The pancake should cook slowly. Once you can lift the pancake with spatula – switch the sides and let it cook for a minute or two under the cover.


Protein pancake goes well with almost everything. Here are simple solutions that you can try:

  • smash banana with a fork on the pancake
  • spread natural peanut, almond butter, or favorite nut butter.
  • sprinkle some berries
  • use maple syrup, agave, or honey